Microgreens Windowsill Grow Kit Combo - 3x Trays + 4x Seeds + Coco Coir

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This could be Europe's most popular Microgreens tray and definitely our favourite!

For an adventurous windowsill grower, this kit is perfect for you or as a gift. We chose these four types of seeds because they are our most reliable and versatile Microgreens. With Peas, Sunflower, Radish and Broccoli you can grow a variety of textures, flavours and nutritional values ​​at home (and within days!).

Contents: 3x Seed Trays + 400 grams of Microgreen Seeds + Coco Coir Brick

1x Perforated tray for soil and seeds

1x Unperforated tray for under the perforated seed tray to only water the roots

1x Unperforated tray to weight the seeds during germination and upside down during the blackout phase.

1x Packet Broccoli seeds 100 grams

1x Packet Peas seeds 100 grams

1x Packet Sunflower seeds 100 grams

1x Packet Radish seeds 100 grams

1x Coco coir brick - makes almost 9 liters of growing substrate


  • Shallow (38 mm) - less substrate needed and therefore you save on costs
  • Made from durable BPA-free High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)
  • Perforated tray has evenly distributed irrigation holes

Dimensions exterior: 510 x 260 x 38mm

Thickness: 2mm

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