Our mission is to inspire the next generation to think more sustainably and to learn how to grow and consume fresh, high quality and homegrown food.


Waldemar and Jeanine are Microgreens pioneers. The modern, vertical farming methods they used in the Netherlands allowed them to grow Microgreens on a farm with a small ecological footprint.


The goal of Boereland Greens (and a perk of growing Microgreens) is to reduce the impact of agriculture on the world's resources and to provide a learning environment for their children. 

Growing Microgreens

Microgreens are the seedlings of edible vegetables and herbs and consist of the stem and first set of leaves ("cotyledons") of the mature plant. They are not to be confused with sprouts, which are an earlier stage of harvesting that includes only the seed and stem of the plant.

Microgreens are sown on top of soil in grow trays. They are left to germinate for the first few days and then placed under lighting until harvested.

This process takes 7-14 days in total, depending on the variety.