Fill the tray with holes with potting soil en place it inside the tray without holes

Press the soil down with an empty tray

Water the soil

Sprinkle your favourite seeds on top of the soil

Mist the seeds

Place a weighted tray (with e.g. two big tins) on top of the seeds

Leave the trays until all the seeds have germinated and start to push up on the weighted tray

Only for "small" seeds (not Sunflower or Peas):

Turn the top tray upside down like a dome and leave it in blackout for one day

Place the Microgreens in a warm, light place

Add one cup of water to the bottom tray every day. Once the first leaves (cotyledon) appear, it is time to harvest.

Depending on the type, Microgreens can be harvested within 8 - 14 days after seeding. Use a scissor to cut the Microgreens off just above the soil.

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