An easier, simpler life: The Experiment

After being inspired by our Microgreens journey, Boereland Greens is currently on a pioneering tour with a Tiny House across the UK, Ireland and into mainland Europe. We see our tour as an experiment on small living spaces, low impact of non-renewable resources and a community's ability to network and sustain each other.

From Big Machines to Microgreens to Tiny Beams

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Is it possible for a family of six to live tiny?

After selling our 1300m2 home and all our belongings in the Netherlands, we have hit the road with our Van, Tiny House and four kids.

We chose a Tiny House on wheels (THOW) within the legal dimensions and weight to safely tow on European roads. Our floor space adds up to 23m2. This includes two lofts - one functioning as a kids' bedroom and one as a play room. We have a fully-equipped kitchen with stove, oven, fridge and water purifier. The bathroom has a shower and compost toilet.

Does the Western world allow people to live small and off-grid?

We are exploring if this lifestyle is truly possible in a Western setting. We are digging into topics like;

  • the housing crisis
  • the corporate rat race
  • bureaucracy and red tape surrounding buying land
  • the minimum requirements on habitable structures
  • the government's support or taxing of off-grid living

Are there communities in Europe successfully living this way?

The goal of our journey is to find a piece of land where we could put our Tiny House down and invite others to do the same.

Our dream includes a communal permaculture farm, skill-sharing workshops, kids outdoor adventure and survival course and retreat for families to take a break from the rat race.

We are looking for families with this same dream to come and join us.